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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. a suspicious fire and the victim found inside was bound and beaten. a pot bust at a local school. police didn't arrest students, two teachers are in trouble. then a local firefighter help deliver this baby girl that the back of ambulance >> we can see the top of the baby's head, that meant that the baby was not going to wait >> wait until you hear about another special bond the two share. your news at 11:00 starts now. we begin with breaking news, a man in critical condition after a suspicious apartment fire >> we're hearing the victim was found bound and beaten inside the apartment. >> evan lambert is at the scene. >> reporter: we're on 3rd and
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livingston road, you can see there's still a scene where investigators are looking into this suspicious fire. according to a source, a man was found in a burning unit bound and beaten. that is what is bringing this law enforcement presence out here, there are atv investigators here, arson investigators, mpd detectives as well. dc fire officials telling us before 6:30 tonight, the fire broke out here in a ground unit. firefighters and police went inside, they were working to get the fire out. they also found that adult male who had been beaten and bound, he is in critical condition at the hospital. now, luckily firefighters were able to get to the man pretty quickly and keep that fire from spreading to other units just damage to one unit here, here's dc fire spokesman veto magioli. >> first arriving unit forced entry inside and as they were
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searching they came upon an adult male victim, they were able to get that victim outside into an ambulance, and taken to the hospital where the individual is currently in critical condition. >> reporter: as a result of this fire, this entire building here has been evacuated, so you do see several people standing trying to find out when they will be able to get back. luckily the one unit damaged. there's the red cross here on scene and there's a temporary shelter just across the street here at the robert harris educational center. luckily the people that have been displaced are being tended to. the man found inside this burning unit bound and beaten in critical condition in the hospital. live in southeast, evan lambert fox 5 local news. breaking news out of montgomery county. police are searching for two people who may have broken into an appliance store on randolph road in
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tracks and police are telling us one of the suspects got away and apparently was spotted on those tracks, train service in the area is shutdown, police continue their investigation but we're told they should be reopening soon, police say a second suspect may have driven away from the scene. new tonight, police bust todd elementary school teachers for possession of marijuana in the school. fox 5 marina marraco is live at taylor elementary school in arlington. marina how did police learn about this? . >> reporter: shawn, it was all in an anonymous tip called into arlington police about drug activity happening here at the taylor elementary school. next thing you know, arlington police showed up with a search warrant and arrest todd physical education teachers at the school. they taught all of the grades. now, 25-year-old luke lloyd and 28-year-old michael deadigo are charged with possession of mariju
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schools has suspended both teachers as well as a third teacher who is now being investigated, however, that third teacher was not arrested. tonight, that teacher to on administrative leave. now, on friday, parents received a letter, and that letter explained what happened and also said, quote, the teachers involved here have been -- rather we believe the investigation is focused on the adults, that does not involve any other interactions with our children. now, the teachers involved here, they have now been released from jail and the counselors here have been trying to explain to students what they saw last friday, those teachers walked away in handcuffs here at the school and we're told to counselors on hand were explaining to the children in an age appropriate manner what exactly took place. live in arlington, marina marraco fox 5 local news. the principal at ballou high school in the district was reassigned following a troubling report that many students in the class of 2017
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been allowed to graduate. that report from wamu revealed dozens were given diplomas. willie jackson, the current principal of felt high school in northeast will serve as acting principal. now, to an update on a story you saw first on fox 5. police at amtrak have released new photos in connection with a brutal assault of a woman at union station, they're calling the man on the left their suspect in the attack. the man on the right, a person of interest. last tuesday afternoon, terminal logan said she was going up the escalator when she asked one guy out of a group of men to step to the right so she could walk past them. when she got to the top of the escalator. logan said one of the men punched her in the face causing her to drop to the floor. anyone with information is it asked to call police
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in fairfax county there is dash cam video coming to light of the deadly police involved shooting. the video captured by a cruiser's dash cam shows user's park police following a high speed chase in alexandria. they're calling for the video to be released but not until the fbi interviewed everyone involved. >> at crucial piece of evidence for the fbi to conduct a thorough investigation. if i released that video right now, i could bias the outcome of the investigation. and hinder the legal process. >> the chief also said there's a second dash cam video that shows officers coming to the victim's aid. still unclear why the victim was shoot or whether or not he was armed. now, latest on the russia investigation, prosecutors for special counsel robert mueller say paul manafort violated add judge's order on house arrest, they say donald trump's former campaign manager contacted a
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use the piece to approve his image. prosecutors are pushing for manafort to remain confined to his home on gps monitoring, manafort is facing felony charges including money laundering. a major court victory, he ruled the travel ban can be fully enforced for countries. effect iran, libya, syria and north korea along with some have venezuela. despite challenges to the ban in lower courts. fox 5 learned hundreds of maryland driver's licenses and ids or undocumented immigrants were issued over last few years but an audit shows a number of those licenses were fraudulently obtained. the department of motor vehicles conducted the investigation and authorities say they discovered two employees were involved in issuing some of the ids, keep in mind these parti
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meant for undocumented immigrants to obtain as long as they pay taxes to the state two years. maryland's legislative auditor explains how they going to ahold of these licenses. >> now, the counterfeit document in question is a state controller's letter. and that letter states that the individual who's an applicant for this non-compliant license has filed a tax return in the last two years which is a refresh my memory under state law. apparently, those letters were being altered. and so what we found is the same number was being used multiple times by applicants. >> we're told the two people involved in issuing the ids have been fire and are dealing with state and federal investigators. did you get slapped with a new fees today on the i66 toll lanes in northern virginia? the lanes run from the beltway to ross land, vdot is hoping people will car pool. single
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allowed, and the toll fees varied depending on the road. at one point some drivers paid $34 just to travel ten miles >> i think it's ridiculous for people -- people coming from further out where it may not be as as fluent as these areas, it's a little unfair to do that. >> driving on i66 is free for people who car pool as long as they have an ez pass flex. police will be out in full force looking for drivers not abiding by the rules. the stories of people and how much they had to pay is crazy. >> it's steep. i cannot believe that. i don't think we ever heard of anything being that high for one single trip >> can you imagine doing that every day? five days a week. >> no. metro, car pool, anything else but that. >> absolutely. will he stay or will he go? a number of lawmakers have called for john
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resign >> at incredible story about a birth in an ambulance, here's the kicker, an interesting couple of details about the who coming up.the baby, the details- on the final five, the stock market soars two new records, how much credit should the president take? how will tax reform affect wall street catch the final five tonight at 11:30.
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♪ ♪. here's a quick look. congressman john conyers is expected to appear tomorrow morning and discuss whether he plans to remain in the house or step down. a number of law makers have called for him to resign following allegations of who are not inappropriate touching by several women who once worked for him. house ethics committee is investigating. a political drama house of cards will return for a sixth and final season without kevin spacey. netflix announced the show will go
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house of cards has been on hiatus since october following anthony rap's sexual assault allegations against spaces. tomorrow the supreme court will hear oral arguments on whether a colorado baker had the right to deny a gay couple a wedding cake. jack phillips said same sex marriage goes against his beliefs. new a baby girl couldn't wait to see her family so she showed up early, but the paramedic also has quite a story of his own, cori coffin is live in prince george's county. what an incredible story they have. >> reporter: they have a really interesting connection. i can't wait to tell it. danuel house has been a firefighter nearly 20 years, born and raised in this area and been a paramedic ten of those years. today he was on his normal calls when they got call about a mom having a baby and they said the
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>> we had a pretty good inkling that it was going to happen. and we were hoping to get her out of the apartment and down the steps before it happened. we got about halfway down the steps, when she stopped and started to push. so we gently reminded her we need to get to the ambulance for a sterile environment than the stairwell. we were able to get her to the ambulance and on to the stretcher, and we could see the top of the baby's head. so that meant that the baby was not going to wait. >> reporter: daniel happened to be in the one in the position to help deliver z oe. the miracle of life but that's not the only amazing thing to happen. daniel's parents showed up as we were talking to him. they were here to surprise him with cake because today is his birthday. >> we heard it was your birthday. >> but
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guess how daniel himself came into this world 42 years ago? that's right. in an ambulance. >> we get on the beltway and he says, oh, you going to have to pull over because the baby starting to come. science the ambulance come to a stop i don't think it was fully stopped. the side door opens, a state trooper comes in, our son's guardian angel, comes in, assists with the birth, doesn't say a word. >> and he leaves >> i only had five contractions. and 15 minutes he was born >> it's an amazing story. like really coming full cycle on his 42nd birthday. little z oe we're told are doing great. >> wow. that is incredible. how it is full circle and all
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were giggling about it >> it's special, something they will all remember and when z oe is old enough to hear the story, that's cool >> daniel needs to stay in touch as the guardian angel. thank you, cori. today was pretty good. >> this is a good day to be born. >> in december, yes. >> this is a rare mild december day we had so much sunshine, and tomorrow is also going to be on the rare side in that we'll probably be over 60 degrees tomorrow, but -- here comes the but. not much sunshine, and keep curry rain gear handy for tomorrow afternoon, and then get ready to find the layers and the heavy coats because a big cold shot is going to be coming in our direction, we do need rain by the way we have to go back to november 7th to find day in which we had over a half new jersey of rain and that may be
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we'll also be able to top these numbers for the most part even without sunshine because the south breeze will be pretty strong and noticeable before our powerful frontal boundary gets here, bottom line, rainy by tomorrow afternoon, those showers may be approaching from west to east by about 1:00 or 2:00. still probably raining here east of the city tomorrow night at 11:00. and this is what we're watching the frontal boundary with showers pushing clouds in our direction, you can tell it's gotten cold you can see the is that he across minnesota that has been breaking out and that frontal boundary will push in our direction, for tonight it's clouds but don't be surprised of a little later tonight we'll start to see drizzle showing up. maybe a bit of fog as well. that's why i'm keeping patchy morning drizzle in the forecast but really the showers develop after about 1:00 or so, notice those winds out of the south at ten to 15, that's where we'll get the 62 reading in the district from. but generally, tomorrow afternoon,
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and then wednesday we're drier, i think the rains out of here if we have clouds around they should break up and the temperature of 50 we may hit that in the morning and fall for a the 40's in the afternoon. so for tomorrow at the bus stop, 43 to 47, mostly dry tomorrow morning, again, hit or miss patches of drizzle or very light rain for some areas. i think the better chance of that might be east of the district. after school, watch for showers, better chance for seeing the showers west of the district as they will be pushing in as we go through the evening. 56 to 60. and these are the high temperatures we're expecting, fredericksburg may be as warm as 65, leonardtown 62. towards manassas 62, culpeper could be 65. we find upper 50's as you head out towards martinsberg and houston, frederick about 60 degrees tomorrow. and then it's all about the cold air that will be coming in to town behind our frontal boundary. with temperatures going from well above average
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were to below average by ten to 15 degrees and we can sure see that coming when we look at this big pocket of cold air affecting places like sample lake city with a temperature of 28. wichita, kansas 40. you look at chicago, 61, so you can see how strong the south flow is. but they won't be 61 much longer, by the way, we're 48 and we will stay most areas well above freezing. futurecast i think is important to show you so you get an idea we're only talking about the spottiest of drizzle tomorrow morning but mostly cloudy and then by 2:00, we see the showers beginning to develop. expanded by 5:00 and 6:00, not everything into the district but moving in the direction. so perhaps you get through the bus stop hour dry in the evening if you live east. by 11:00 we're watching the push on through and by wednesday it's gone, we should be back to sunshine
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of the refrigerator. the fox 5 forecast. wednesday topping out at 50. morning dropping to 35 at night. cold start for the thursday morning, which will only recover to about 48 degrees with a good amount of sunshine, you you see we have flurries or light snow, or even light rain showers, this is dependant on you close to our low pressure system off the coast develops, we think it's maybe just going to miss us to the south and east, 40 on sunday, quite cold for this time of year, ten degrees above average. next week, looking like it will be on the cold side. december is making its presence felt. sarah and shawn back to you. >> thank you, sue. restaurants chain chipotle making changes. the mexico food chain tweaking it's caso. fueling speculation
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may add nachos to its menus. the highly anticipated caso rolled out in sent and chipotle always plan to keep adjusting the recipe >> i have not had the caso. i've nod heard the best reviews. so >> i wondered how long they were going to hold out on nachos. >> you want nachos >> hopefully they will approve the caso. >> we haven't had it. we're just telling you what other folks said. what happened when a waffle house customer became the cook >> on fox 5 the most common dating mistakes that people are making, plus can opening a window give you a better night sleep? dr. mike will weigh in and the creative director from the website will show off the hottest plus size fashion kicking off at 4:25 a.m. g off at 4:25 a.m.
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♪♪ . what's trending. customer became the cook at one waffle house in south carolina. alex bowen made a late night stop but the only employee was fast asleep. he went into the kitchen, made himself his meal, returned and paid for the food. the sleeping employee was suspended for a week. >> the back story here too, the guy who made the food, he was talking about he was drunk and mr. vodka helped him along, but he liked snapped and took pictures of the whole venture. but it's
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>> shawn has the full story, back story. >> nice he left the cash register alone. jim lokay is up next with the final five. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. another woman alleges she dated roy moore when she was in her teens and he was in his 30's. chuck and nancy playing another meeting with don, the president goes on the defensive. and the trump administration gets a win on the trump administration, this on the travel ban. let's do this. happy monday, i'm jim lokay. alabama senate roy moore gaining support from republican leaders but a new woman has come forward alleging that she dated moore when she was 17 and he was


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